The arena
45 entries at the 7/6 Roy Pony Express playday.

72 entries at 6/22 playday.

Next playday July 27.
 Events planned: key hole, poles, fig
8, cal stake, speed barrels, barrels.

Playdays are going to start at
9am this year.  playday dates
for 2014:
April 27
May 4
June 22
July 6 Roy Pony Express fund raiser
July 27
August 24
Sept 21
Oct 5
Meridian Riding Club
Welcome to MRC
Links for arenas, clubs, trails,
shows and rides in
the area
Meridian Riding Club is a family-oriented riding club
located on South Hill, in Puyallup, WA.  

The club puts on 7
playdays (barrel racing, etc.) each year
at the club's outdoor arena.

prize ride is hosted each year at Buck Creek; Sept 7, 2014.
The club has a large outdoor arena
and clubhouse.  The arena is
available for use by members any

The clubhouse is used by the club for
meetings and parties, and is
available to rent by members for $75
March Tattler (newsletter)


Year end awards
Members only  - requires logon
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